About the Artists

Shadow Star Studio artists Geoffrey Stolle and James Miller

From artists James Miller and Geoffrey Stolle comes a new line of fine bronze limited edition wearable art. Each piece is hand sculpted in wax and then cast in high quality red bronze. Small edition sizes from 50 – 100 ensure that your piece will be rare and unique. The lost wax process is time consuming and difficult, so there are not many people making jewelry in bronze, but bronze is one of the nicest metals – bold, beautiful, sturdy, It patinas nicely and lasts forever. It really is one of the highest quality metals for jewelry. Plus it’s hypo-allergic, so most people with metal allergies can wear it.

“We wanted to make a line of wearable art that looks like artifacts – heavy, dark, kind of mysterious; pieces that look like they have been around for hundreds of years…and will be around for hundreds to come.”